I am very excited to start introducing the talented people involved in the creation of my upcoming EP Presenting Tara Shupe: Destroyer.

I was able to catch up with Tyler Lambourne and Daniel Young of Utah super group The Lower Lights last night for this picture.

Me, Tyler Lambourne, Daniel Young

Tyler lives in Austin, TX, and was one of the "satellite" musicians I used for 3 of the songs recorded independently across the country by some of my favorite musicians.  With basically nothing to work with, laying bass to guitar/vocal scratch tracks, he nailed everything.  I'm beyond stoked with how it turned out.  You can catch Tyler playing around Austin with Ragtime Willie and Texas legend Eric Hokkanen, to name a few.

Utah's Daniel Young placed in the Chris Austin songwriter comp a few years back (NBD!), plays with local country band The Hollering Pines, and creates great albums in his studio out of North Salt Lake.  We captured the truly incredible drummer Bart Olson at Orchard Studio in June, and then mixed and mastered the album there starting in October.  Dan is so much fun to work with, has a great ear, and was so patient and knowledgable in getting the tracks to where I wanted them to be.  A little footage of Bart playing: